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Release Information

The following includes details about timeline, reasons for a publisher, budget, and target audience


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Why do I Need a Publisher?

Financial Support: Every day, I pour my heart and soul into my indie game development journey while juggling the demands of my full-time job as an architecture intern. With the right financial support, I could fully dedicate myself to my true passion: game development. Imagine the possibilities if I could quit my day job and become a full-time video game developer. With your support, I can take my game to the next level and bring my vision to life more vividly than ever before.

Marketing and Promotion: Marketing as a solo developer has been a learning experience. From building a social media presence to creating trailers and press releases, it's a world unto itself. You have established networks and marketing teams that can help promote my game to a wider audience

Legal and Contractual Matters: Negotiating contracts, dealing with legal issues, and understanding the intricacies of licensing can be complex for me. A publisher can handle these matters, and I want to ensure that my rights are protected and that I receive fair compensation for my work.


Solo Development: $20,000

The budget may seem modest in comparison to some larger game development budgets, but there are specific reasons behind this figure that I believe make it not only reasonable but also highly effective for our project. One of the key principles I've adhered to as a solo indie developer is efficient resource allocation. I've carefully assessed the requirements of our game and budgeted only for what is necessary to achieve our vision. This lean approach ensures that every dollar is maximized in delivering a high-quality game.

Target Audience

Casual Gamers: Casual gamers who enjoy light-hearted and fun gaming experiences would be a primary target. My game's cartoony visuals, humor, and accessible gameplay make it appealing to this audience.

Fans of Roguelike/Roguelite Games: My game will attract fans of the roguelike genre who enjoy challenging gameplay and randomization.

Streamer and Content Creator Audience: My game's humorous and visually appealing nature could make it a hit among streamers and content creators. It has the potential to generate entertaining and shareable content.

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