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Developer: HF Studios, Sheridan, WY

Released Date: 2024

Platforms: Steam

Price: $6.99

Press Contact:

Discord: HF Studios


Let Him Cook is a top-down action roguelike shooter where you play as a food industry professional fighting in the ultimate bullet hell arena. Crush, squash, and mash all kinds of live food puns with a variety of kitchen utensils!

Let Him Cook Header Capsule.png


Combat: Master the art of culinary combat, harnessing the power of enchanted kitchen utensils and exotic ingredients as you engage in intense battles against monstrous food-themed adversaries, such as the "Cereal" Killer and the "Ghost" Pepper.

Strategy: Challenge your taste buds and decision-making skills as you make choices that impact your character's food preferences, affecting your stats and abilities. Will you embrace the spicy side or opt for a more sweet and savory approach to survival?

Bosses: Test your culinary mettle in high-stakes boss battles against legendary food deities, such as the mythical Couch Potato and the enigmatic Dragon Fruit, each offering unique challenges and rewards for the brave and hungry.


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