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Other Games

A portfolio of other games created by HF Studios

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Food Fight Arena is an action-packed, single player game that throws you into stage full of live food! 3D models, animations, and user interface are created through industry standard software such as Rhino, Revit, Blender, and Adobe Suites.

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SYMBL is a casual, puzzle game that requires the player to use triangles to create a "symbolic" picture or general shape of the word given. The game was completed within 1 Week and contains 90 different levels that are separated in categories.

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Field Tilter is a simple, endless 3D runner that uses procedurally generated terrain. The project was completed within 24 hours as a "break" from the main game, Food Fight Arena. The game uses tilt controls to move the ball and avoid obstacles; the speed of the music and movement increase over time.

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